Chris’ course brought a significant benefit to ConocoPhillips. He delivered presentation skills to 40 mentee engineers. Conservatively . . . a benefit to ConocoPhillips of approximately $240,000. . .
— Lee Cain – Senior Instructional Designer ConocoPhillips

The leadership experience gained from the mentorship with Chris Zervas has not only produced a visible benefit with the development of a cohesive team, but has also provided quantifiable benefits as well. We were able to save money by eliminating training time, and reduced customer service response time by 25%.
— Paul Stephens, VHA Human Capital Systems and Services Workforce Management and Consulting Office
Excellent. Very relevant and engaging . . . highly recommend it.
— Michelle Landolt – Branch Manager, Financial Systems Federal Aviation Administration (FAA)

Very Interactive. Loved Chris’ presentation.
— Sue Hensley – Financial Analyst Cherokee Nation

Chris Zervas’ presentation was excellent. We asked him to tailor it towards a specific area of emphasis and his preparation showed an understanding not only of our company but our overall communication and leadership objectives. It was well worth our senior leadership team’s investment of time and resources.
— Rich Smith, PE, LEED AP – President Henderson Engineers

Chris is one of the best speaker’s I have heard in a long time.
— Andrea L. Golden-Pogue, RN, MSN – BIS Health Coordinator, Industrial Coordinator Pontotoc Technology Center

I would highly recommend this training (Bomb Proof Constructive Feedback) to all supervisors and require it for new supervisors.
— Joseph W. Burke – Director-Crude & International Supply F&PA Phillips 66

“The Appreciative Inquiry workshop was a very unique and effective process that produced positive and useful results. Dennis Queen led this workshop and challenged our school family and community. Dennis had us bring our dreams and ideas for a thriving school and together we developed a smart and creative game plan. I highly recommend Appreciative Inquiry!”
— Aaron Windsor - Union Christian Academy School Board President

Chris Zervas has a great grasp of the communication process and how to effectively teach it for the benefit of employees and their families. He’s relevant, engaging and able to communicate in such a way as to keep the message alive long after the presentation is over. Chris Zervas makes a difference.
— Gary Smalley – Founder and CEO Smalley Relationship Center

Chris does a great job of keeping the session fresh and driving home points with a variety of fun illustrations and activities.
— Kevin Gragg– Senior TV Producer/Director Oklahoma State University

Chris, I can’t tell you how much your class meant to me and how much it has already helped me. What you talked about was right on time for what is happening with me and others in my department.
— Brenda Johnson– Neighborhood Services City of Tyler, Texas

Chris, the day went perfect and everyone was pleased and very positive. They all loved you (naturally) and that made my day since we hadn’t ever had a speaker before. You really added so much to what I was wanting to bring to the retreat. You’re the best!!
— Patti McKinney– Senior Accountant Denise Lunt Accounting Firm

Thank you again so much for an enjoyable, but soul search evening. I found out some things about myself that I was not aware of from those who I had worked with on an occasional basis . . . You never know who is watching!! From those I spoke with, they too had an enlightened evening, but a good time along the way. From reviewing our surveys, program value rated excellent, as well as speaker (excellent).
— Joyce Ivy – President US Bank Development Network of SW MO

The information presented on Employee personality assessment, and the importance of team building, was not only received well, but provided our Lead Team with items for an action plan for improvement.I highly recommend Summit Solution Group for any and all training needs.
— Paul W. Johnson, MS HRD, – Training Manager Closure Systems International (Formerly Alcoa)

Chris is a great coach, mentor and teacher. He has helped me and my team to reach new heights with his practical approach to leadership; he motivates successful people to maximizing their true potential.
— Marcellos Gray – Sales Director American Family Insurance

We were fortunate to have Chris Zervas at our annual conference. Chris is an energetic speaker, we couldn’t have asked for better . . .
— Pat Standingbear – President Oklahoma Recreation and Parks Society

. . . it was refreshing to hear. . . Truth, Honor, Value, Caring, Cheering Progress, Responsibility, Forgiveness, and many other positive things that we all need to learn to apply in the workplace. . . Thank you again for the very interesting and informative class!
— Monte Gartner – Team Lead - Payouts, Joint Venture Accounting ConocoPhillips

I appreciated working with Summit Solution Group. . .They wanted to make sure that what they provided was what we needed and not a “canned presentation”. . . The return has been multiplied many times over. The Summit Solution staff was very tuned into asking questions that uncovered the needs of what I wanted to accomplish during our time.
— Doug Wilcoxon – Vice-President, Student Affairs LeTourneau University

Very Impressed with your work!
— Wayne J. Ferguson, P.E. – Assistant Professor Manufacturing Tulsa Community College

Summit Solution Group has helped us as a group better understand how each staff member processes information and works within a team structure. It has helped us facilitate discussions on challenges in the clinic and better understand each others perspective.
— Dr. John English – Executive Director Bethesda Medical Clinic

Chris Zervas is awesome.
— Anthony Potter– Manager U.S. Customs and Border Protection (CBP)

Chris customized his presentation to fit perfectly for our group. His presentation style was interactive and motivating in preparing our Leaders for the year ahead. He is very enthusiastic and a pleasure to work with. Our Leadership Conference was a great success!
— Barbara S. Angel – Executive Director Arkansas Society of Certified Public Accountants

Chris Zervas could not have been better . . .
— Ann Tague – Executive Director East Texas Chapter of Texas Society of CPA’s