Let us help you "Wow" your next audience. 

Our Team has helped hundreds of speakers move from uncertainly to confidence.  You can be next!

I will carry the content of today’s presentation for a lifetime. . . extremely profound.
— Mark Middaugh, Senior Analyst – Commercial Billing Phillips 66
Even in just one day, I can tell that my skills have improved. I have so many more tools in my basket. Thank you.
— Raegan Lucero, Analytic Analyst ConocoPhillips

We'll teach you how to Wow’ Em


Wow’Em is Summit Solution Group’s Presentation Training Program and builds from five foundations of effective presentations.

Who is my audience? 

                        This section helps answer the most important question about a presentation and digs deeper into purpose, motivations, goals and perceptions.  A key focus is making a three-pronged connection with your audience.

Organizing the material professionally

                        What organizational pattern will best communicate my message?  How do I clearly communicate true benefits to my audience?  How do I use PowerPoint powerfully and other visual/audio aids advantageously?

Winning introductions and conclusions

                        First impressions matter.  So does sealing the deal.  Learn about captivating introductions and deal-clinching conclusions.

Enthusiasm.  Not Anxiety.

                        Anxiety can be a positive.  Discover ways to turn stage fright into stage enthusiasm.

Mastering My Skills

                        How do I effectively communicate non-verbally?  How do I read what the audience is saying to me and respond?  How do I prepare for what may be the most important part…questions?